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Title: Chinese Oral Ability Incubator Using LIA, CoPs and AAR
Authors: Zuo Xinyue
Teeraporn Saeheaw
Authors: Zuo Xinyue
Teeraporn Saeheaw
Keywords: Arts and Humanities;Computer Science;Engineering
Issue Date: 3-Mar-2021
Abstract: With the growing importance and influence of China's economy globally, how to apply Chinese language in real life becomes a challenge for overseas students. This study aims to identify the critical issues of Chinese teaching and learning taking CCAA (College of Chinese ASEAN Arts) as an example. Samples are 10 Asian students from Thailand, Korea and Laos the results show that grammar based and content based teaching account 87.5% of Chinese class which causes CCAA Asian students unnatural oral performance. To bring up international students' oral ability, this study proposes a solution model by applying LIA, CoPs and AAR to transfer CCAA Asian students productive knowledge as well as highlight the practical through both in-class and out of class activities.
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