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Title: Aromatic profile of rhizomes from the ginger family used in food
Authors: Sarana Rose Sommano
Tibet Tangpao
Authors: Sarana Rose Sommano
Tibet Tangpao
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences;Engineering
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2021
Abstract: Plants of the ginger family are parts of Asian culinary due to the distinctive flavor and aroma that are known for many bioactive functionalities. Almost all parts of these plants, especially the rhizomes and leaves, contain essential oil and volatile aromatic ingredients. In this chapter, common genera of the Zingiberaceae used as spice are taxonomically described. Utilization in a different cultural context is also gathered. The rhizomes were extracted for volatile ingredients, and the profiles were characterized both chemically and sensorially. This chapter provides information on specific markers that designate types of rhizomes from this particular family. The profile characteristics are also beneficial for food and perfumery industries for further development of the novel products.
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