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Title: Computer Simulation Approach to Model Virtual Geography of Seablite Source
Authors: Thanapong Chaichana
Graham Reeve
Authors: Thanapong Chaichana
Graham Reeve
Keywords: Computer Science;Decision Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2022
Abstract: Food demands are increasing globally, and they require a new agricultural material to boost the economic activities, production, and consumption. Physical surveys must be completed to explore the local assets prior to supply agricultural material to the manufacture. Seablite has many benefits and can count as a new agricultural material. In this paper, the objective was to perform a computation of virtual geography of seablite origins and to create an illustrative map of seablite sites digitally. Computer Simulation Approach (CSA) was purposed to cover virtual geography that included virtual surveys and physical surveys. CSA of virtual geography was performed for computation in Samut Sakhon, Thailand. Results showed that virtual geography reduces the complexities of physical surveys. An illustrative map revealed the highest number of 1,365 seablite origins found in Ban Bo subdistrict. Virtual results were shown a good agreement between virtual survey and physical survey. Therefore, it can be noted that CSA system delivers a great value in economic efficiency and remotely performing the job task. Further studies based on the seablite smart agriculture system with online data development to create an economic plant are required to verify our results.
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