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Title: ความเมตตาต่อตนเองของหญิงรักหญิง
Other Titles: Self-compassion of lesbian
Authors: เจิมตะวัน เข็มมงคล
Authors: ธีรวรรณ ธีระพงษ์
เจิมตะวัน เข็มมงคล
Keywords: ความเมตตาต่อตนเอง;ลักษณะ;กระบวนการ;เงื่อนไข;หญิงรักหญิง;self compassion;characters;processes;factors;Lesbian
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: เชียงใหม่ : บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
Abstract: This qualitative research using case study method aims to examine 4 topics of self-compassion of lesbians which includes: 1) characters; 2) processes; 3) factors; and 4) values. The participants, over 18 years old, selected by purposive sampling method by using intermediate scores criteria of the self-compassion scale (SCS). The data collected by in-depth interview of all 6 participants was analyzed by content analysis method and interpreted based on main theories of the definitions of self-compassion by Neff (2003a) and processes of self-compassion by Germer (2009 as cited in Crews, 2012). The results showed that experiences of self-compassion of lesbians which were defined by the results of the 8 characters of self-compassion concept consisting of: 1) do not waste the time on things which that make me unhappy; 2) do not forget what or how I am; 3) believe that self-acceptance is the important; 4) choose to be the way I am; 5) start in myself and change it the way I want; 6) be with things in front of me; 7) try to understand it day by day; 8) no matter what I decide is like, consider that is the best thing. The 5 processes of self-compassion include: 1) aversion; 2) curiosity; 3) tolerance; 4) allowing; and 5) friendship. The 4 factors of self-compassion found includes: 1) relationships of family; 2) social supports; 3) beliefs and actions; and 4) learnings. Finally, the 4 values of self-compassion revealed 1) feel happy and comfortable easily; 2) accept and forgive myself; easily accept things the way they are and 4) cope with them understandingly. Conclusions and discussions lead to the understanding of characters, processes, factors, and values of self-compassion which are beneficial guidelines for lesbians to bring about encouraging, protecting, and curing of their mental issues. Realization of understanding, accepting and compassion from social members and intimates will increase opportunities for Lesbians to accept their own gender identities and live in happiness and harmony in society.
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