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Title: Customer Experiences Identification Process using Bloom Taxonomy and Customer Knowledge Management
Authors: Korakod Charoensap
Teeraporn Saeheaw
Authors: Korakod Charoensap
Teeraporn Saeheaw
Keywords: Arts and Humanities;Computer Science;Decision Sciences;Engineering
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2022
Abstract: The types of media dissemination to farmers lies at the heart of building perception and an understanding, including the knowledge level where the audience can apply. This research investigated the most beneficial way of agricultural technology transfer to farmers, and a way to solve problems involving the content media structure presenting merely principal knowledge, making it impractical for the audience to further apply for their productions. [1] It is, therefore, necessary to know the types and needs of the agricultural instructional media. This study was conducted to identify the critical situation of agricultural instructional media design and to find a way to improve the content media that effectively corresponded with the needs of the target group. This research implemented Bloom's taxonomy to extract the knowledge to be perceived and needed by the audience. Also, design thinking was applied in identifying the needs of the audience, and customer knowledge management was used for the data collection on the needs of the audience, which were then analyzed for the content media problems. The findings showed that the content media produced by the division prioritized the aspect of instructional knowledge for 55.42%, followed by the aspect of the application for 37.35%. The aspect of analysis and synthesis to build an understanding was the least percentage at 3.61% Based on the findings, it was noticeable that the content media produced by the division did not satisfy the needs of the audience as most of the audience wanted to put what they learned into practice. This research used a storyboard to provide a guideline on designing the agricultural content structure and on solving the problems caused by it.
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