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Title: BCNPYLIB CHAT BOT: The artificial intelligence Chatbot for library services in college of nursing
Authors: Nannaphat Thalaya
Kitti Puritat
Authors: Nannaphat Thalaya
Kitti Puritat
Keywords: Arts and Humanities;Computer Science;Decision Sciences;Engineering
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2022
Abstract: Although in the present, there is email notification, a posting, and a phone notification that connect directly with the user, they are insufficient to keep the user interested, which becomes a problem impacting the service users' library satisfaction. The user eventually forgets what they have been told since they likely tend to just skim through a notification [1]. The researcher experimented with using AI technology to answer questions from library users via the LINE application in order to meet their requirements and improve the quality of library services. Regarding AI technology, when users text a message that matches the response requirements, it can answer the user's questions about the location of the book, book categorization, opening hours, and other relevant questions, which frees up the librarian's time to focus on other tasks. AI answering services can gather users' requests and utilize them to enhance the development of answers. Users can also interact with the system without time limitations since AI technology is always acting as a librarian [2] to meet user satisfaction. In regard to the BCNPYLIB CHAT BOT experiment, it was discovered that the satisfaction assessment results encouraged learning (libraries), which led to an improvement in the quality of library service management. A library subtopic and an assessment list of 'consistent notification of information related to the service, new activities, and information resources of the library' demonstrated a significant increase of 0.45 percent among nursing students in years 1-4 and nursing teachers, leading to the development of the quality of library service management. The developed system will contribute to user satisfaction with the library's services in the future
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