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dc.contributor.authorSupapohn Yamuangmornen_US
dc.contributor.authorKanokwan Laororngen_US
dc.contributor.authorChorphet Saenchaien_US
dc.contributor.authorSithisavet Lordkaewen_US
dc.contributor.authorBernard Dellen_US
dc.contributor.authorChanakan Prom-u-Thaien_US
dc.description.abstractSachi inchi is a useful traditional plant in South America that has recently gained notoriety as a nutritional food crop and hence is being cultivated outside its native range. In Thailand, the crop is being grown on soils where boron (B) may be limiting to growth. To determine the response of early vegetative growth of sacha inchi to B supply, to identify B deficiency symptoms, and to define leaf B concentrations for optimum growth. The two experiments were conducted in sand-culture pot arranged in a randomized complete block design with three independent replications. Plants were grown in the preliminary experiment consisted of complete nutrient solution and complete nutrient solution without B. The main experiment was continued by growing plants in the five series of B rate (0, 2.5, 5.0, 7.5 and 10.0 µM B). Plant growth parameters were recorded and B concentration in different plant parts were analyzed. B deficiency strongly inhibited root and shoot development causing stunting and organ malformation. In a sand-culture experiment, maximum growth was obtained with 7.5 µM B and 10 µM B reduced growth. Leaf B concentration of 27–29 mg kg−1 was associated with 90% of maximum vegetative yield. Symptoms of B deficiency and the foliar B concentrations are useful for extension workers and producers looking to improve the productivity of sacha inchi on nutrient poor soils.en_US
dc.subjectAgricultural and Biological Sciencesen_US
dc.subjectBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biologyen_US
dc.titleBoron requirement for vegetative growth of Sacha inchi (Plukentia volubilis L.)en_US
article.title.sourcetitleJournal of Plant Nutritionen_US
article.volume45en_US Universityen_US Mai Universityen_US
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