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Title: Morpho-Molecular Characterization of Five Novel Taxa in Parabambusicolaceae (Massarineae, Pleosporales) from Yunnan, China
Authors: Ning Xie
Rungtiwa Phookamsak
Hongbo Jiang
Yu Jia Zeng
Haoxing Zhang
Fangfang Xu
Saisamorn Lumyong
Jianchu Xu
Sinang Hongsanan
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2022
Abstract: Parabambusicolaceae is a well-studied family in Massarineae, Pleosporales, comprising nine genera and approximately 16 species. The family was introduced to accommodate saprobic bambusicola-like species in both freshwater and terrestrial environments that mostly occur on bam-boos and grasses but are also found on different host substrates. In the present study, we surveyed and collected ascomycetes from bamboo and submerged grass across Yunnan Province, China. A biphasic approach based on morphological characteristics and multigene phylogeny demonstrated five new taxa in Parabambusicolaceae. A novel genus Scolecohyalosporium is introduced as a monotypic genus to accommodate S. submersum sp. nov., collected from dead culms of grass submerged in a freshwater stream. The genus is unique in forming filiform ascospores, which differ from other known genera in Parabambusicolaceae. Multigene phylogeny showed that the genus has a close relationship with Multiseptospora. Moreover, the novel monotypic genus Neomultiseptospora, isolated from bamboo, was introduced to accommodate N. yunnanensis sp. nov. Neomultiseptospora yunnanensis formed a separated branch basal to Scolecohyalosporium submersum and Multiseptospora thailandica with high support (100% ML, 1.00 PP). Furthermore, the newly introduced species, Parabambusicola hongheensis sp. nov. was also isolated from bamboo in terrestrial habitats. Parabambusicola hongheensis clustered with the other three described Parabambusicola species and has a close relationship with P. bambusina with significant support (88% ML, 1.00 PP). Parabambusicola hongheensis was reported as the fourth species in this genus. Detailed description, illustration, and updated phylogeny of Parabambusicolaceae were provided.
ISSN: 2309608X
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