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Title: Transformation of Lignin Model Compound and Lignin by Graphene Oxide Immobilized Laccase
Authors: Xue-Fei Zhou
Keywords: laccase
lignin model compound
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University
Citation: Chiang Mai Journal of Science 48, 1 (January 2021), 176-184
Abstract: In the present study, laccase (Lac) was immobilized into molecular sieves (Lac/NaY, Lac/ SSZ, Lac/MCM) and graphene oxide (Lac/GO). The activities of these laccase preparations were comparatively studied on phenolic lignin model compound (vanillyl alcohol), nonphenolic lignin model compound (veratryl alcohol) and organosolv lignin, in the presence of ABTS. GO immobilized laccase (Lac/GO) afforded better performance in terms of conversion rate and reusability than the molecular sieves during oxidation of vanillyl alcohol and veratryl alcohol. GPC and 31P-NMR were used to characterize the structural modifications induced in the organosolv lignin. Compared to the molecular sieves, the GO-immobilized laccase was found to be more reactive, displaying higher distinct reaction selectivities in the oxidative pattern of the lignin.
Description: The Chiang Mai Journal of Science is an international English language peer-reviewed journal which is published in open access electronic format 6 times a year in January, March, May, July, September and November by the Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University. Manuscripts in most areas of science are welcomed except in areas such as agriculture, engineering and medical science which are outside the scope of the Journal. Currently, we focus on manuscripts in biology, chemistry, physics, materials science and environmental science. Papers in mathematics statistics and computer science are also included but should be of an applied nature rather than purely theoretical. Manuscripts describing experiments on humans or animals are required to provide proof that all experiments have been carried out according to the ethical regulations of the respective institutional and/or governmental authorities and this should be clearly stated in the manuscript itself. The Editor reserves the right to reject manuscripts that fail to do so.
ISSN: 2465-3845
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