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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Effects of Kaempferia parviflora Wall. Ex. baker and sildenafil citrate on cGMP level, cardiac function, and intracellular Ca 2+ regulation in rat heartsWeerateerangkul P.; Palee S.; Chinda K.; Chattipakorn S.C.; Chattipakorn N.
2012Na V1.8, but not Na V1.9, is upregulated in the inflamed dental pulp tissue of human primary teethSuwanchai A.; Theerapiboon U.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn S.C.
2012Effects of metformin on learning and memory behaviors and brain mitochondrial functions in high fat diet induced insulin resistant ratsPintana H.; Apaijai N.; Pratchayasakul W.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn S.C.
2013DPP4-inhibitor improves neuronal insulin receptor function, Brain mitochondrial function and cognitive function in rats with insulin resistance induced by high-fat diet consumptionPipatpiboon N.; Pintana H.; Pratchayasakul W.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn S.C.
2013Mitochondrial calcium uniporter blocker effectively prevents brain mitochondrial dysfunction caused by iron overloadSripetchwandee J.; Sanit J.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn S.C.
2013Mechanisms responsible for beneficial and adverse effects of rosiglitazone in a rat model of acute cardiac ischaemia-reperfusionPalee S.; Weerateerangkul P.; Chinda K.; Chattipakorn S.C.; Chattipakorn N.
2013Effects of vildagliptin versus sitagliptin, on cardiac function, heart rate variability and mitochondrial function in obese insulin-resistant ratsApaijai N.; Pintana H.; Chattipakorn S.C.; Chattipakorn N.
2013DPP-4 inhibitors improve cognition and brain mitochondrial function of insulin-resistant ratsPintana H.; Apaijai N.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn S.C.
2014Protocatechuic acid exerts a cardioprotective effect in type 1 diabetic ratsSemaming Y.; Kumfu S.; Pannangpetch P.; Chattipakorn S.C.; Chattipakorn N.
2014Roles of Obese-Insulin Resistance and Anti-Diabetic Drugs on the Heart with Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryApaijai N.; Chattipakorn S.C.; Chattipakorn N.