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Title: Effect of chrysophanic acid on immune response and immune genes transcriptomic profile in Catla catla against Aeromonas hydrophila
Authors: Ramasamy Harikrishnan
Gunapathy Devi
Chellam Balasundaram
Hien Van Doan
Sanchai Jaturasitha
Einar Ringø
Caterina Faggio
Keywords: Multidisciplinary
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2021
Abstract: © 2021, The Author(s). The effect of chrysophanic acid (CA) (2, 4, and 8 mg kg−1) on the immunity and immune-related gene profile of Catla catla against Aeromonas hydrophila is reported. In both control and treated groups fed with 2 mg kg−1 (2 CA), the phagocytosis, hemolytic, myeloperoxidase content, and superoxide anion production decreased significantly between 6th and 8th weeks, whereas when fed with 4 mg kg−1 CA (4 CA) the H2O2 production and nitric oxide synthase increased significantly between 4th and 8th week. When fed with 2 CA and 4 CA diets, the total protein, bactericidal, and antibody titer increased significantly from the 4th week onwards. When fed with 2 CA, the IL-1β and IL-10 mRNA expression of head kidney leucocytes were significant between weeks 6 and 8. The expressions of toll-like receptors significantly increased when fed with a 4 CA diet from 4th week onwards. The 4 CA group significantly increased in TNF-α, TNF receptor-associated factor 6 (NOD), which influences protein expression, after the 4th week. The mRNA transcription of MHCI, lysozyme-chicken and goose type expressions significantly increased in 4 CA group within the 4th week. In summary, the dietary administration of 4 mg kg−1 of CA (4 CA) provides better immunity and enhances the up-regulation of immune-related genes in Catla against A. hydrophila.
ISSN: 20452322
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