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Title: Renewable, Sustainable and Natural Materials on Food Packaging: Primary Data for Robotically Detect Packaging Shape in Logistics
Authors: Thanapong Chaichana
Authors: Thanapong Chaichana
Keywords: Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 18-Nov-2020
Abstract: © 2020 Institute of Physics Publishing. All rights reserved. In the past decades, plastic packaging was a key material to preserve, protect, store, and transport food products. It was shown in food logistics from the manufacturers to consumers. The cost of making plastics is cheap. It was determined by the energy input that used to process them. Ingredients used to create plastics are very inexpensive. Furthermore, food packaging is a container. If it made from plastic material, it was also durable and last long over the shelf life of foods. Due to the sustainability concerns, using plastic packaging will cause the environment issues. Recovering the environment will help the earth to remain supporting life. This research aims to summarise the findings of smart packaging using different types of materials consisted of renewable, sustainable, and natural materials. A state-of-the-art food packaging geometry is explained. The data trends of intelligent food packaging were found to associate with sustainable development goals.
ISSN: 17426596
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