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Title: Plastic bronchitis in a child with acute dyspnea and atelectasis: A case study
Other Titles: รายงานผู้ป่วยเด็กโรค plastic bronchitis มาด้วยอาการหายใจเหนื่อยและปอดแฟบ
Authors: Kanokkarn Sunkonkit
Hanpon Klibngern
Pongsak Mahanupab
Sanit Reungrongrat
Keywords: plastic bronchitis
bronchial cast
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University
Citation: Chiang Mai Medical Journal 59,1 (January-March 2020), น.29-32
Abstract: Plastic bronchitis is an uncommon pathologic cast formation in the tracheobronchial tree. A bronchial cast can cause a range of conditions ranging from mild to severe that can lead to airway obstruction. We describe a previously healthy one-year-old boy who developed acute left lung atelectasis and respiratory distress due to plastic bronchitis. He pre- sented with a high-grade fever and productive cough. His chest x-ray showed total left lung atelectasis. His condition did not rule out the presence of a foreign body in the airway or an obstruction due to secretion. Plastic bronchitis ob- structing the left main bronchus was diagnosed and removed by rigid bronchoscopy. Bronchoscopy was crucial in this case for both diagnosis and therapeutic cast removal; however, understanding of the regulation of mucus production and clearance is vital for the prevention of new secretion obstructions.
Description: Chiang Mai Medical Journal (Formerly Chiang Mai Medical Bulletin) is an official journal of the Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University. It accepts original papers on clinical and experimental research that are pertinent in the biomedical sciences. The Journal is published 4 issues/year (i.e., Mar, Jun, Sep, and Dec).
ISSN: 0125-5983
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