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Title: The pilot projects on development of suburban housing in the north: First and second year 2005 and 2006
Authors: Lieorungruang V.
Bhromsiri A.
Thiengburanathum P.
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: This pilot projects on suburban housing in the Northern area prepared the prototype construction material factories in order to solve and decrease the lack of housing. Villagers took part in this participatory action research (PAR) by preparing and developing the construction material based on their local wisdom along with appropriate building technology. They understood the working process of the prototype of the firm. Evaluation was done by distributed questionnaire along with the interview. It was found that the villagers highly accepted the projects in social, economical, and environmental aspects. Furthermore, the construction technique is appropriate as they were able to prepare the construction materials and repair the dwelling by themselves. This helped decrease not only the expense for buying construction material as' they can use the local ones that can easily be found, but also the problem of deforestation. In addition, the technique helped increase the income and is the first step of the development of local construction materials. This can also lead to the national suburban housing in sufficient-economical ways of life.
ISSN: 01258370
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