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Title: Health problems among breast cancer survivors after completing conventional treatments: A cross-sectional study
Authors: Sureeporn Chumdaeng
Pratum Soivong
Hunsa Sethabouppha
Ratanawadee Chontawan
Keywords: Nursing
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2020
Abstract: © 2020 John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd This cross-sectional design study aimed to explore health problems among breast cancer survivors after completing conventional treatments. Purposive sampling was adopted to recruit 160 breast cancer survivors from a regional tertiary care hospital and hospital with a specialist cancer center in southern Thailand. STROBE checklist of items for cross-sectional studies is applied to report the study. Five most frequent, severe, and distressing symptoms faced in the first 3 years after cancer treatment were reported as numbness to the affected side, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, pain, and skin changes. Almost half of the participants reported symptoms indicating a definite diagnosis of anxiety, and nearly 70% of them rated themselves as borderline depressed or depressed. Approximately 50% of participants reported no change in their relationships with significant people, and about 60% of them reported a high-level fear of recurrence. Symptom frequency, severity, and distress were positively associated with anxiety, depression, and menopausal symptoms, while relationship changes were negatively associated with menopausal symptoms, anxiety, and depression. Support and information for these women are required after active treatment has ceased to deal with ongoing symptoms.
ISSN: 14422018
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