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Title: Stigma towards depression in a community-based sample in China
Authors: Fang Yang
Bing Xiang Yang
Teresa E. Stone
Xiao Qin Wang
Yang Zhou
Juan Zhang
Shu Fen Jiao
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2020
Abstract: © 2019 The Authors Objective: Understanding the general public's beliefs about depression is essential if public education and anti-stigma interventions are to be effective. This study aimed to examine Chinese respondents' personal attitudes towards depression and their perceptions about the attitudes of others regarding depression and to identify the correlates of personal stigma and perceived stigma towards depression. Methods: A community survey was conducted among 1697 residents aged between 16 and 89 years of a large city in central China using the Depression Stigma Scale. Participants completed questionnaires assessing experiences of depression and family functioning. Results: Participants reported high levels of stigma towards depression, with greater perceived stigma than personal stigma. Increasing age was correlated with greater personal stigma and perceived stigma. Higher personal stigma was also significantly correlated with being male, unemployed and good family function. Conclusion: Concerningly high levels of stigmatizing beliefs towards depression were prevalent among the public. This may be a reason why people with mental disorders do not seek assistance. This highlights the importance of the need for health education and promotion activities. Findings from this study suggest that targeted, culturally appropriate education programs are needed to improve knowledge about depression in the broader community.
ISSN: 15328384
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