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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Efficacy and safety of 1-month postpartum zidovudine-didanosine to prevent HIV-resistance mutations after intrapartum single-dose nevirapineLallemant M.; Ngo-Giang-Huong N.; Jourdain G.; Traisaithit P.; Cressey T.R.; Collins I.J.; Jarupanich T.; Sukhumanant T.; Achalapong J.; Sabsanong P.; Chotivanich N.; Winiyakul N.; Ariyadej S.; Kanjanasing A.; Ratanakosol J.; Hemvuttiphan J.; Kengsakul K.; Wannapira W.; Sittipiyasakul V.; Pornkitprasarn W.; Liampongsabuddhi P.; Mcintosh K.; Van Dyke R.B.; Frenkel L.M.; Koetsawang S.; Le Coeur S.; Kanchana S.
2014Does pregnancy affect the pharmacokinetics of efavirenz?Hill A.; Ford N.; Boffito M.; Pozniak A.; Cressey T.R.
2007Immunochromatographic strip test for rapid detection of nevirapine in plasma samples from human immunodeficiency virus-infected patientsCressey T.R.; Nangola S.; Tawon Y.; Pattarawarapan M.; Lallemant M.; Tayapiwatana C.
2010Pharmacogenetics and the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIVCressey T.R.; Lallemant M.
2011Influence of body weight on achieving indinavir concentrations within its therapeutic window in HIV-infected thai patients receiving indinavir boosted with ritonavirCressey T.R.; Urien S.; Hirt D.; Halue G.; Techapornroong M.; Bowonwatanuwong C.; Leenasirimakul P.; Treluyer J.-M.; Jourdain G.; Lallemant M.
2011Pharmacokinetics and safety of a new paediatric fixed-dose combination of zidovudine/lamivudine/nevirapine in HIV-infected childrenChokephaibulkit K.; Cressey T.R.; Capparelli E.; Sirisanthana V.; Muresan P.; Hongsiriwon S.; Ngampiyaskul C.; Limwongse C.; Wittawatmongkol O.; Aurpibul L.; Kabat B.; Toye M.; Smith M.E.; Eksaengsri A.; McIntosh K.; Yogev R.
2008Plasma drug concentrations and virologic evaluations after stopping treatment with nonnucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors in HIV type 1-infected childrenCressey T.R.; Green H.; Khoo S.; Treluyer J.-M.; Compagnucci A.; Saidi Y.; Lallemant M.; Gibb D.M.; Burger D.M.
2009Early postpartum pharmacokinetics of lopinavir initiated intrapartum in Thai womenCressey T.R.; Van Dyke R.; Jourdain G.; Puthanakit T.; Roongpisuthipong A.; Achalapong J.; Yuthavisuthi P.; Prommas S.; Chotivanich N.; Maupin R.; Smith E.; Shapiro D.E.; Mirochnick M.
2012Developmental pharmacokinetic changes of lamivudine in infants and childrenTremoulet A.H.; Nikanjam M.; Cressey T.R.; Chokephaibulkit K.; McKinney R.; Mirochnick M.; Capparelli E.V.
2012Predictors of 5-year mortality in HIV-infected adults starting highly active antiretroviral therapy in ThailandFregonese F.; Collins I.J.; Jourdain G.; LeCoeur S.; Cressey T.R.; Ngo-Giang-Houng N.; Banchongkit S.; Chutanunta A.; Techapornroong M.; Lallemant M.