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dc.contributor.authorZong Long Luoen_US
dc.contributor.authorKevin D. Hydeen_US
dc.contributor.authorJian Kui (Jack) Liuen_US
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dc.contributor.authorRajesh Jeewonen_US
dc.contributor.authorDan Feng Baoen_US
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dc.contributor.authorRuvishika S. Jayawardenaen_US
dc.contributor.authorJun Fu Lien_US
dc.contributor.authorHong Yan Suen_US
dc.description.abstract© 2019, The Author(s). Sordariomycetes is one of the largest classes of Ascomycota that comprises a highly diverse range of fungi mainly characterized by perithecial ascomata and inoperculate unitunicate asci. Freshwater Sordariomycetes play an important role in ecosystems and some of them have the potential to produce bioactive compounds. This study documents and reviews the freshwater Sordariomycetes, which is one of the largest and important groups of fungi in aquatic habitats. Based on evidence from DNA sequence data and morphology, we introduce a new order Distoseptisporales, two new families, viz. Ceratosphaeriaceae and Triadelphiaceae, three new genera, viz. Aquafiliformis, Dematiosporium and Neospadicoides, 47 new species, viz. Acrodictys fluminicola, Aquafiliformis lignicola, Aquapteridospora fusiformis, Arthrinium aquaticum, Ascosacculus fusiformis, Atractospora aquatica, Barbatosphaeria lignicola, Ceratosphaeria aquatica, C. lignicola, Chaetosphaeria aquatica, Ch. catenulata, Ch. guttulata, Ch. submersa, Codinaea yunnanensis, Conioscypha aquatica, C. submersa, Cordana aquatica, C. lignicola, Cosmospora aquatica, Cylindrotrichum submersum, Dematiosporium aquaticum, Dictyochaeta cangshanensis, D. ellipsoidea, D. lignicola, D. submersa, Distoseptispora appendiculata, D. lignicola, D. neorostrata, D. obclavata, Hypoxylon lignicola, Lepteutypa aquatica, Myrmecridium aquaticum, Neospadicoides aquatica, N. lignicola, N. yunnanensis, Ophioceras submersum, Peroneutypa lignicola, Phaeoisaria filiformis, Pseudostanjehughesia lignicola, Rhodoveronaea aquatica, Seiridium aquaticum, Sporidesmiella aquatica, Sporidesmium lageniforme, S. lignicola, Tainosphaeria lunata, T. obclavata, Wongia aquatica, two new combinations, viz. Acrodictys aquatica, Cylindrotrichum aquaticum, and 9 new records, viz. Chaetomium globosum, Chaetosphaeria cubensis, Ch. myriocarpa, Cordana abramovii, Co. terrestris, Cuspidatispora xiphiago, Sporidesmiella hyalosperma, Stachybotrys chartarum,S. chlorohalonata. A comprehensive classification of the freshwater Sordariomycetes is presented based on updated literature. Phylogenetic inferences based on DNA sequence analyses of a combined LSU, SSU, RPB2 and TEF1α dataset comprising species of freshwater Sordariomycetes are provided. Detailed information including their habitats distribution, diversity, holotype, specimens collected and classification are provided.en_US
dc.subjectAgricultural and Biological Sciencesen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental Scienceen_US
dc.titleFreshwater Sordariomycetesen_US
article.title.sourcetitleFungal Diversityen_US
article.volume99en_US Universityen_US of Mauritiusen_US Qaboos Universityen_US Fah Luang Universityen_US of Electronic Science and Technology of Chinaen_US Mai Universityen_US Chinaen_US Housing Societyen_US
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