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Title: Factors affecting the performance of cold chain for export of Thailand's Longan fruit
Authors: Narathip Titlo
Apichat Sopadang
Keywords: Business, Management and Accounting
Decision Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Abstract: © IEOM Society International. China has been became the important imported destination of longan fruit in Thailand. The trade has been proceeded through R3A route which started from Chiang-rai then across Lao to China. There is a problem because the logan fruit is perishable. Therefore, exporters must handle temperature that calls the cold chain. This paper aims to propose a factor that important for measures the cold chain performance for exported of Thailand's longan fruit on the R3A route. The first stage is the identification of the key performance attribute (KPA) by review literature base performance of the supply chain and cold chain. Then, the researcher have discussed the factor affecting the performance such as Quality and safety, Traceability, Cost, and Responsiveness. The result from this paper shows that are 4 main-factor and 11 sub-factors to introduce exporter longan fruit. The factor would be calculated the weight of each KPA by using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) methodology that presents the numerical example of weight like Quality and safety factor (0.518) is the most important of KPA follow by Cost (0.296), Responsiveness (0.136), and Traceability (0.049), respectively. This paper has proposed framework shows the weight that important to each KPA that can facilitate decision-makers in understanding the structure of cold chain performance of the longan fruit exporting industry.
ISSN: 21698767
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