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dc.contributor.authorChirawat Chitpakdeeen_US
dc.contributor.authorAnchalee Junkaewen_US
dc.contributor.authorPhornphimon Maitaraden_US
dc.contributor.authorLiyi Shien_US
dc.contributor.authorVinich Promaraken_US
dc.contributor.authorNawee Kungwanen_US
dc.contributor.authorSupawadee Namuangruken_US
dc.description.abstract© 2019 Elsevier B.V. Reaction mechanism of the selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide (NO) by ammonia (NH 3 -SCR of NO) on the Ru-doped CeO 2 (111) surface was investigated using density functional theory calculation corrected by on-site Coulomb interactions (DFT + U) to understand the role of Ru dopant toward the catalytic performance of CeO 2 based catalysts. The NH 3 -SCR of NO mechanisms on Ru-CeO 2 , which consisted of two consecutive NO reduction pathways, were systematically examined. Each NO reduction consists of important elementary steps such as NH 3 adsorption/dissociation and water formation/desorption. The calculated results reveal that the Ru dopant substantially affects on the electronic charge property and enhances the Lewis acidity of the CeO 2 surface. The NH 3 adsorption and dissociation take place at the Lewis acid site of the catalyst. The first NO reduction via the NHNO intermediate is facile when the Ru dopant presents on the catalyst surface. The presence of Brønsted acid on surface catalyst suppresses the NH 3 adsorption and dissociation but helps in promoting the water formation, which is the rate-determining step of overall reaction. Thus, the performance of this catalyst can be further enhanced by improving the water formation aspect. The obtained results deepen the fundamental understanding of the role of the different active sites on the crucial steps during the reaction and are useful for guiding the way to develop catalysts used in this application.en_US
dc.subjectChemical Engineeringen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental Scienceen_US
dc.titleUnderstanding the role of Ru dopant on selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH <inf>3</inf> over Ru-doped CeO <inf>2</inf> catalysten_US
article.title.sourcetitleChemical Engineering Journalen_US
article.volume369en_US National Science and Technology Development Agencyen_US Universityen_US Institute of Science and Technologyen_US Mai Universityen_US
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