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Title: Investigation of Assessment and Maturity Stage Models for Assessing the Implementation of Industry 4.0
Authors: M. Unterhofer
E. Rauch
Dominik T. Matt
S. Santiteerakul
Keywords: Business, Management and Accounting
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2019
Abstract: © 2018 IEEE. The proclamation of the fourth industrial revolution shocked the industrial world. Suddenly almost every modern enterprise aspired to become a proper 'Industry 4.0' factory. In the industrial environment, a curious feeling of uncertainty grew. In order to overcome the negative perception, proper means, which establish the implementation grade and the needs for a specific Industry 4.0 measure of enterprises, have to be identified and scrutinised. The root cause can be explained quite straightforwardly: improvements in an Industry 4.0 perspective can be achieved if and only if the measurability is provided. This work analyses the state of art of existing Industry 4.0 assessment and maturity stage models. Results of this research will be used in further research to develop a specific assessment model for small and medium-sized enterprises in order to assess their progress in implementing Industry 4.0.
ISSN: 2157362X
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