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dc.contributor.authorMalai Muttaraken_US
dc.contributor.authorB. Chaiwunen_US
dc.description.abstractScrotal swelling may be due to extratesticular and intratesticular lesions. The majority of extratesticular lesions are benign while the majority of intratesticular lesions are malignant. Ultrasonography (US) is helpful in separating extra- from intratesticular lesions. US can show whether a mass is cystic, solid or complex, and also features such as associated calcifications, epididymal involvement, scrotal skin thickening and colour Doppler flow pattern. Extratesticular lesions include hydrocoele, spermatocoele, varicocoele, epididymal cyst, hernia and tumours of the epididymis and cord structures. Intratesticular lesions include primary tumour, metastases, lymphoma and leukaemia. Tuberculous epididymitis or epididymo-orchitis may also present with painless scrotal swelling. US features of these disease patterns, with pathological correlation, are presented in this pictorial essay.en_US
dc.titlePainless scrotal swelling: Ultrasonographical features with pathological correlationen_US
article.title.sourcetitleSingapore Medical Journalen_US
article.volume46en_US Mai Universityen_US of Pathologyen_US
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