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Title: Clinics in diagnostic imaging (125)
Authors: W. Padungchaichote
P. Kongmebhol
Malai Muttarak
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2008
Abstract: A 61-year-old woman who had a known history of ovarian carcinoma presented with a palpable painless mass in the right axilla. Mammograms showed segmental-distributed pleomorphic microcalcifications in the upper outer quadrant of the right breast with marked enlargement of the right axillary nodes. The biggest node contained microcalcifications. Right axillary node dissection showed metastatic adenocarcinoma which was likely to be metastasis from the primary breast carcinoma. Unfortunately, she was then lost to follow-up and came back again with a right breast mass. Histopathology of the right breast mass revealed invasive ductal carcinoma. The causes and differential diagnosis of axillary adenopathy are discussed. In a patient with known primary extramammary malignancy and axillary adenopathy, it is important to differentiate if it is metastasis from the primary breast carcinoma or extramammary malignancy to provide proper management.
ISSN: 00375675
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