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Title: Balancing the role of the dental school in teaching, research and patient care; Including care for underserved areas
Authors: W. P. Holbrook
P. Brodin
I. Balciuniene
V. Brukiene
M. V. Bucur
E. Corbet
J. Dillenberg
D. Djukanovic
K. Ekanayake
H. Eriksen
J. Fisher
G. Goffin
P. Hull
T. Kumchai
P. Lumley
J. Lund
V. Mathur
A. Novaes
A. Puriene
V. Roger-Leroi
I. Saito
S. Turner
L. Mabelya
Keywords: Dentistry
Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2008
Abstract: Inequalities within dentistry are common and are reflected in wide differences in the levels of oral health and the standard of care available both within and between countries and communities. Furthermore there are patients, particularly those with special treatment needs, who do not have the same access to dental services as the general public. The dental school should aim to recruit students from varied backgrounds into all areas covered by the oral healthcare team and to train students to treat the full spectrum of patients including those with special needs. It is essential, however, that the dental student achieves a high standard of clinical competence and this cannot be gained by treating only those patients with low expectations for care. Balancing these aspects of clinical education is difficult. Research is an important stimulus to better teaching and better clinical care. It is recognized that dental school staff should be active in research, teaching, clinical work and frequently administration. Maintaining a balance between the commitments to clinical care, teaching and research while also taking account of underserved areas in each of these categories is a difficult challenge but one that has to be met to a high degree in a successful, modern dental school. © 2008 Blackwell Munksgaard and The American Dental Education Association.
ISSN: 16000579
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