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Title: Whole rDNA analysis reveals novel and endophytic fungi in Bletilla ochracea (Orchidaceae)
Authors: G. Tao
Z. Y. Liu
K. D. Hyde
X. Z. Liu
Z. N. Yu
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Environmental Science
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2008
Abstract: Endophytes within leaf and root tissues of Bletilla ochracea (Orchidaceae) were investigated using DGGE and random cloning analysis. Eighteen operational taxonomie units (OTUs) of endophytic fungi from leaves and ten taxa from roots were revealed. Two dominant ascomycete OTUs were Mycosphaerella species (41%) (Mycosphaerellaceae). An unknown Ascomycete sp. 2 (13.6%) and an Alternaria sp. (9%) were also common. One Sebacina sp. (Sebacinaceae, Basidiomycota) (46%), two Fusarium species (30.7%) and a Nectria sp. (13.4%) (Nectriaceae) were common in the orchid roots. The diversity within leaves (H′, 2.354) was higher than that within roots (H′, 1.560). Fungal communities within leaf and root tissues were significantly different.
ISSN: 15602745
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