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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Influence of graphene nanoplatelets on morphological and electrical properties of silica fume blended cement – Piezoelectric ceramic compositeNittaya Jaitanong; Suparut Narksitipan; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Jan-2018Microstructure, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of 0–3 lead free barium zirconate titanate ceramic-Portland fly ash cement compositesPhakin Chomyen; Rumporn Potong; Rattiyakorn Rianyoi; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Arnon Chaipanich
4-May-2018Temperature and induced electric field dependence on the phase transition of 9/70/30, 9/65/35 and 9/60/40 PLZT ceramicsSiripong Somwan; Narit Funsueb; Apichart Limpichaipanit; Athipong Ngamjarurojana
15-Oct-2018Spectroscopic property and color of bismuth silicate glasses with addition of 3d transition metalsJirapan Dutchaneephet; Apichart Limpichaipanit; Athipong Ngamjarurojana
4-Apr-2018Effect of graphite on poling time and electrical properties of barium zirconate titanate-Portland cement compositesSupakporn Aodkeng; Rattiyakorn Rianyoi; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Arnon Chaipanich
15-Feb-2018Ratiometric luminescence behavior of lanthanide-mixed benzenedicarboxylates frameworksKitt Panyarat; Supaphorn Thammakan; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Jan-2018Poling effects and piezoelectric properties of PVDF-modified 0–3 connectivity cement-based/lead-free 0.94(Bi<inf>0.5</inf>Na<inf>0.5</inf>)TiO<inf>3</inf>–0.06BaTiO<inf>3</inf>piezoelectric ceramic compositesRattiyakorn Rianyoi; Ruamporn Potong; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Arnon Chaipanich
15-Aug-2018Dielectric properties of PFN–PZT composites: From relaxor to normal ferroelectric behaviorApichart Limpichaipanit; Siripong Somwan; Athipong Ngamjarurojana
15-Apr-2018Effect of composition and grain size on dielectric, ferroelectric and induced strain behavior of PLZT/ZrO<inf>2</inf>compositesNarit Funsueb; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Tawee Tunkasiri; Apichart Limpichaipanit
1-Jan-2018Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of 2-2 connectivity lead-free piezoelectric ceramic Bi<inf>0.5</inf>Na<inf>0.5</inf>TiO<inf>3</inf>/Portland cement compositesRattiyakorn Rianyoi; Ruamporn Potong; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Arnon Chaipanich