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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2018Tectono-thermal evolution of a long-lived segment of the East African Rift System: Thermochronological insights from the North Lokichar Basin, Turkana, KenyaSamuel C. Boone; Barry P. Kohn; Andrew J.W. Gleadow; Christopher K. Morley; Christian Seiler; David A. Foster; Ling Chung
1-Oct-2018The crustal architecture of Myanmar imaged through zircon U-Pb, Lu-Hf and O isotopes: Tectonic and metallogenic implicationsNicholas J. Gardiner; Michael P. Searle; Christopher K. Morley; Laurence J. Robb; Martin J. Whitehouse; Nick M.W. Roberts; Christopher L. Kirkland; Christopher J. Spencer
1-Aug-2018Subsurface and outcrop characteristics of fluvial-dominated deep-lacustrine clinoformsRattanaporn Fongngern; Cornel Olariu; Ron Steel; David Mohrig; Csaba Kr├ęzsek; Thomas Hess
1-Aug-2018Highland cropland expansion and forest loss in Southeast Asia in the twenty-first centuryZhenzhong Zeng; Lyndon Estes; Alan D. Ziegler; Anping Chen; Timothy Searchinger; Fangyuan Hua; Kaiyu Guan; Attachai Jintrawet; Eric F. Wood
1-Apr-20183D seismic investigation of the structural and stratigraphic characteristics of the Pagasa Wedge, Southwest Palawan Basin, Philippines, and their tectonic implicationsKimberly A. Ilao; Christopher K. Morley; Mario A. Aurelio
14-Jun-2018Chirodropid box jellyfish in the Gulf of ThailandPhuping Sucharitakul; Siriwadee Chomdej; Thunyaporn Achalawitkun; Supaporn Aongsara; Isara Arsiranant; Phanit Paiphongpheaw; Krittaya Chanachon
1-Apr-2018Link between growth faulting and initiation of a mass transport deposit in the northern Taranaki Basin, New ZealandNuttakarn Panpichityota; Christopher K. Morley; Jaydeep Ghosh
1-Feb-2018Tectonic compaction shortening in toe region of isolated listric normal fault, North Taranaki Basin, New ZealandChris K. Morley; Diako Hariri Naghadeh
1-Jan-2018Review of major shale-dominated detachment and thrust characteristics in the diagenetic zone: Part II, rock mechanics and microscopic scaleC. K. Morley; C. von Hagke; R. Hansberry; A. Collins; W. Kanitpanyacharoen; R. King
1-Jan-2018Stratigraphy of deformed permian carbonate reefs in Saraburi Province, ThailandRomana E.C. Dew; Rosalind King; Alan S. Collins; Christopher K. Morley; Francesco Arboit; Stijn Glorie