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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2016Riceberry bran extract prevents renal dysfunction and impaired renal organic anion transporter 3 (Oat3) function by modulating the PKC/Nrf2 pathway in gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in ratsPhatchawan Arjinajarn; Anchalee Pongchaidecha; Nuttawud Chueakula; Krit Jaikumkao; Varanuj Chatsudthipong; Sugunya Mahatheeranont; Orranuch Norkaew; Nipon Chattipakorn; Anusorn Lungkaphin
1-Dec-2016Lactobacillus-fermented plant juice as a potential ingredient in cosmetics: Formulation and assessment of natural mouthwashSasithorn Sirilun; Bhagavathi Sundaram Sivamaruthi; Naphatsorn Kumar; Periyanaina Kesika; Sartjin Peerajan; Chaiyavat Chaiyasut
1-Dec-2016Humanin exerts cardioprotection against cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury through attenuation of mitochondrial dysfunctionSavitree Thummasorn; Nattayaporn Apaijai; Sasiwan Kerdphoo; Krekwit Shinlapawittayatorn; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn; Nipon Chattipakorn
1-Dec-2016Propolis extracts from the northern region of Thailand suppress cancer cell growth through induction of apoptosis pathwaysSupakit Khacha-ananda; Khajornsak Tragoolpua; Panuwan Chantawannakul; Yingmanee Tragoolpua
1-Jan-2016Inhibition of the MAPK signaling pathway by red rice extract in UVB-irradiated human skin fibroblastsPornngarm Limtrakul; Supachai Yodkeeree; Wanisa Punfa; Jatupol Srisomboon
1-Jan-2016Roles of Testosterone Replacement in Cardiac Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryWanpitak Pongkan; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn; Nipon Chattipakorn
1-May-2016Results from the Survey of Antibiotic Resistance (SOAR) 2012-14 in Thailand, India, South Korea and SingaporeD. Torumkuney; R. Chaiwarith; W. Reechaipichitkul; K. Malatham; V. Chareonphaibul; C. Rodrigues; D. S. Chitins; M. Dias; S. Anandan; S. Kanakapura; Y. J. Park; K. Lee; H. Lee; J. Y. Kim; Y. Lee; H. K. Lee; J. H. Kim; T. Y. Tan; Y. X. Heng; P. Mukherjee; I. Morrissey
1-Apr-2016Better antiretroviral central nervous system penetration is not associated with reduced chronic pain in people living with human immunodeficiency virusNathaniel M. Robbins; Kanokporn Chaiklang; Khuanchai Supparatpinyo
1-Apr-2016Improved participants' understanding in a healthy volunteer study using the SIDCER informed consent form: A randomized-controlled studyNut Koonrungsesomboon; Supanimit Teekachunhatean; Nutthiya Hanprasertpong; Junjira Laothavorn; Kesara Na-Bangchang; Juntra Karbwang
22-Apr-2016Antimalarial Oxoprotoberberine Alkaloids from the Leaves of Miliusa cuneataThanika Promchai; Atchara Jaidee; Sarot Cheenpracha; Kongkiat Trisuwan; Roonglawan Rattanajak; Sumalee Kamchonwongpaisan; Surat Laphookhieo; Stephen G. Pyne; Thunwadee Ritthiwigrom