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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2016Prevalence, outcomes and risk factors of acute kidney injury in surgical intensive care unit: A multi-center thai university-based surgical intensive care units study (THAI-SICU study)Chawika Pisitsak; Kaweesak Chittawatanarat; Petch Wacharasint; Onuma Chaiwat; Rojnarin Komonhirun; Sunthiti Morakul
1-Sep-2016The impact of delirium on clinical outcomes in multi-center thai surgical intensive care units: A prospective cohort studyTanyong Pipanmekaporn; Kaweesak Chittawatanarat; Onuma Chaiwat; Thammasak Thawitsri; Petch Wacharasint; Suneerat Kongsayreepong
1-Sep-2016A multi-center thai university-based surgical intensive care unit study (THAI-SICU study): Incidence of acute myocardial infarction and associated factorsWaraporn Chau-In; Sarinya Chanthawong; Tanyong Pipanmekaporn; Suneerat Kongsayreepong; Kaweesak Chittawatanarat; Nonthida Rojanapithayakorn
1-Sep-2016Pain management in surgical intensive care units: A multi-center prospective observational study (THAI-SICU study)Sasikaan Nimmaanrat; Kaweesak Chittawatanarat; Suneerat Kongsayreepong; Sunthiti Morakul
1-Sep-2016The differences of nutrition status, energy delivery and outcomes between metropolis and regional university-based thai surgical intensive care unitsKaweesak Chittawatanarat; Onuma Chaiwat; Sunthiti Morakul; Suneerat Kongsayreepong
1-Sep-2016Re-Admission within 72 hours in thai surgical intensive care units (thai-SICU) study: Characteristics, and outcomesSujaree Poopipatpab; Tanawadee Teeratchanan; Kaweesak Chittawatanarat; Konlawij Trongtrakul
1-Sep-2016Outcomes and risk factors of extubation failure: A multicenter study of the THAI surgical intensive care units (SICUs)Phakapan Buppha; Chaiyapruk Kusumaphanyo; Kaweesak Chittawatanarat
1-Jan-2016The Role of Mean Platelet Volume as a Predictor of Mortality in Critically Ill Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisPattraporn Tajarernmuang; Arintaya Phrommintikul; Atikun Limsukon; Chaicharn Pothirat; Kaweesak Chittawatanarat
1-Sep-2016Incidence of cardiac arrest and related factors in a multi-center thai university-based surgical intensive care units study (THAI-SICU study)Sarinya Chanthawong; Waraporn Chau-In; Tanyong Pipanmekaporn; Kaweesak Chittawatanarat; Suneerat Kongsayreepong; Nonthida Rojanapithayakorn
1-Sep-2016The association between red blood cell transfusion and hospital mortality in critically ill surgical patients: The multi-center thai university-based surgical intensive care units study (THAI-SICU study)Annop Piriyapatsom; Chawika Pisitsak; Kaweesak Chittawatanarat; Onuma Chaiwat; Suneerat Kongsayreepong