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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012A comparative study on applying hierarchical phrase-based and phrase-based on Thai-Chinese translationLuekhong P.; Sukhauta R.; Porkaew P.; Ruangrajitpakorn T.; Supnithi T.
1-Dec-2012Northern Thailand geothermal resources and development - A review and 2012 updateSingharajwarapan F.; Wood S.; Prommakorn N.; Owens L.
1-Dec-2012Immune response to 2009 H1N1 vaccine in HIV-infected adults in Northern ThailandChotirosniramit N.; Sugandhavesa P.; Aurpibul L.; Thetket S.; Kosashunhanan N.; Supindham T.; Wongkulab P.; Kaewpoowat Q.; Chaiklang K.; Kaewthip O.; Sroysuwan P.; Wongthanee A.; Lerdsamran H.; Puthavathana P.; Suparatpinyo K.
1-Dec-2012Selected papers from the international conference on biopesticides 6 (ICOB6)Sukontason K.; Mulla M.; Wongsiri S.; Trumble J.; Murphy J.
1-Dec-2012Influences of cobalt dopant on the phases, microstructures and dielectric properties of PZT ceramicsCherdhirunkorn B.; Pidthong B.; Jeamwutthisak P.; Hall D.; Shuaib M.; Tunkasiri T.
1-Dec-2012The temperature effects of diode laser on pulpal tissues for the teeth whitening treatmentKlunboot U.; Arayathanitkul K.; Chitaree R.; Emarat N.
1-Dec-2012Comparative ultrasonic irradiation efficiency of microcystis aeruginosa and M. wesenbergii from surface bloom and re-flotation behaviorSrisuksomwong P.; Peerapornpisal Y.; Nomura N.; Whangchai N.
1-Dec-2012Myocardial iron measurement in thalassemia using cardiac magnetic resonance image processing softwareBoonchieng E.; Duangchaemkarn K.
1-Dec-2012Fast online incremental approach of unseen place classification using disjoint-text attribute predictionPimup R.; Kawewong A.; Hasegawa O.
1-Dec-2012Self-stabilizable symbiosis for cloud data center applications: A game theoretic perspectiveSuzuki J.; Champrasert P.; Lee C.