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Title: Maximal and minimal congruences on some semigroups
Authors: Jintana Sanwong
Boorapa Singha
R. P. Sullivan
Keywords: Mathematics
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2009
Abstract: In 2006, Sanwong and Sullivan described the maximal congruences on the semigroup N consisting of all non-negative integers under standard multiplication, and on the semigroup T(X) consisting of all total transformations of an infinite set X under composition. Here, we determine all maximal congruences on the semigroup ℤnunder multiplication modulo n. And, when Y ⊆ X, we do the same for the semigroup T(X, Y) consisting of all elements of T(X) whose range is contained in Y. We also characterise the minimal congruences on T(X, Y). © 2009 Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Mathematical Society and Springer-Verlag GmbH.
ISSN: 14398516
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