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Title: Physical interactive game for enhancing language cognitive development of Thai pre-schooler
Authors: Noppon Choosri
Chompoonut Pookao
Authors: Noppon Choosri
Chompoonut Pookao
Keywords: Computer Science;Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Abstract: The intervention for cognitive language development is required to conduct at the young ages. As children usually gain the skill through their plays, this study proposed a physical interactive game to help children improve their language skill in both Thai and English language for pre-schooler. The motivation of this research is to create a game that has a characteristic of a toy where children require bodily engagement to touch and move the objects to enhance their cognitive for gaining language skill using interactive and game technologies. The game is evaluated in three methods: paired t-Test is used to determine the overall performance of the proposed game; the 90/90 standard evaluation is also applied to see whether if the game is used for formal education majority of the group (>90%) will achieve the objective of learning. Also, the feedbacks from expert validation are collected. All three evaluations method indicate the primary success of the game to assist Thai pre-schooler in improving their skill at the young age.
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