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Title: Microwave-assisted synthesis of ZnSn(OH)<inf>6</inf>used for photodegradation of methyl orange
Authors: Nitjawan Plubphon
Somchai Thongtem
Titipun Thongtem
Keywords: Chemical Engineering
Materials Science
Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Abstract: Copyright © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved. Cubic-like perovskite zinc hydroxystannate (ZHS, ZnSn(OH)6or ZnSnO3· 3H2O) was successfully synthesized in the alkaline solutions under a microwave radiation. This method has an advantage for the synthesis of homogeneous powder due to the nucleation and subsequent crystalline growth at low temperature. The as-synthesized ZHS was characterized by different techniques to determine phase, morphology, crystallite size, functional groups, surface area and optical properties. The appropriate/best sample was used for photocatalytic application. UV-visible analysis of the best crystalline ZHS indicated an exponential decreasing of photonic absorption attenuated through the solid with 3.68 eV energy gap, and the ZHS photocatalyst can degrade methyl orange under UV illumination for 96% within 240 min.
ISSN: 15334899
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