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Title: Zn<sup>2+</sup>-dependent autocatalytic activity of the Bordetella pertussis CyaA-hemolysin
Authors: Veerada Raksanoh
Lalida Shank
Panchika Prangkio
Mattayaus Yentongchai
Somsri Sakdee
Chompounoot Imtong
Chanan Angsuthanasombat
Keywords: Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2017
Abstract: © 2017 Elsevier Inc. Proteolytic degradation of the ∼100-kDa isolated RTX (Repeat-in-ToXin) subdomain (CyaA-RTX) of the Bordetella pertussis CyaA-hemolysin (CyaA-Hly) was evidently detected upon solely-prolonged incubation. Here, a truncated CyaA-Hly fragment (CyaA-HP/BI) containing hydrophobic and acylation regions connected with the first RTX block (BI1015–1088) was constructed as a putative precursor for investigating its potential autocatalysis. The 70-kDa His-tagged CyaA-HP/BI fragment which was over-expressed in Escherichia coli as insoluble aggregate was entirely solubilized with 4 M urea. After re-naturation in a Ni2+-NTA affinity column, the purified-refolded CyaA-HP/BI fragment in HEPES buffer (pH 7.4) supplemented with 2 mM CaCl2was completely degraded upon incubation at 37 °C for 3 h. Addition of 1,10-phenanthroline‒an inhibitor of Zn2+-dependent metalloproteases markedly reduced the extent of degradation for CyaA-HP/BI and CyaA-RTX, but the degradative effect was clearly enhanced by addition of 100 mM ZnCl2. Structural analysis of a plausible CyaA-HP/BI model revealed a potential Zn2+-binding His-Asp cluster located between the acylation region and RTX-BI1015–1088. Moreover, Arg997‒one of the identified cleavage sites of the CyaA-RTX fragment was located in close proximity to the Zn2+-binding catalytic site. Overall results demonstrated for the first time that the observed proteolysis of CyaA-HP/BI and CyaA-RTX fragments is conceivably due to their Zn2+-dependent autocatalytic activity.
ISSN: 10902104
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