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Title: Designing an application of 3D character modelling in trialling size of clothes on online clothing shopping
Authors: Arus Kunkhet
Keywords: Arts and Humanities
Computer Science
Issue Date: 19-Apr-2017
Abstract: © 2017 IEEE. Online shopping is increasingly popular and there is a trend that many businesses will adopt the technology to increase their product sales volumes because the online shopping can penetrate to target consumer at the large extent and it is convenient to those who cannot afford time to purchase directly from a store. In addition, the internet network interconnected to all trading networks can expand sales volume both at the regional and world levels without limits. No matter how, the online shopping is still facing challenging problems such as consumers themselves cannot trial or touch the physical products, resulted in lacking of confidence in both product quality and product performances. There are some kinds of product that the difference of physical body of consumer has direct effect to the product purchasing such as clothing because from the sight of on-line clothing, the consumer cannot inspect which size and proportion of clothes are suitable for them and what the quality of clothing materials used are. These are constraints for consumer to make decisions. The most frequent problem of online clothing shopping is that the clothing size does not fit with the buyer and the seller normally solves this problem by allowing the return of products and replacing the new ones until the buyer gets the satisfactory size within the given period. All in all, it causes the cost of assets and time which both parties, buyer and seller must be mutually responsible. This research aims at designing the application of Three-Dimension-Modelling Technology for solving the problem, and select the online clothing shopping as the case study. The researcher conducted the experiment for designing the Three-Dimension-Modelling Technology beneficial to potential consumers for specifying their own preferences in on line shopping for trial variety of clothes in terms of size, dimension and quality of clothing materials for matching their needs.
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