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Title: General public's views on pharmacy public health services: Current situation and opportunities in the future
Authors: K. Saramunee
J. Krska
A. Mackridge
J. Richards
S. Suttajit
P. Phillips-Howard
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2015
Abstract: © 2015 The Royal Society for Public Health. Objectives: To explore the experience of and willingness to use seven pharmacy public health services related to cardiovascular risk among the general public in England. Study design: Mixed-methods study. Methods: A mixed-methods study, involving a cross-sectional survey using multiple distribution methods followed by a focus group discussion (FGD) with a sample of survey respondents. Results: From 3596 approachable individuals, 908 questionnaires were completed (response rate 25.3%). Few respondents (2.1-12.7%) had experienced any of the seven pharmacy public health services. About 40% stated they would be willing to use health check services, fewer (9.3-26.3%) were willing to use advisory services. More females, frequent pharmacy users and those in good health were willing to use services in general (P < 0.05). Smokers, overweight individuals and those with alcohol-related problems were most willing to use specific advisory services supporting their problems (P < 0.05). FGD identified barriers to service use; for example, frequent staff changes, seeing pharmacist as medicines suppliers and concerns about competence for these services. Conclusion: The general public are receptive to pharmacy public health services. Pharmacists must consider barriers if uptake of services is to increase.
ISSN: 14765616
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