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dc.contributor.authorT. Keawinen_US
dc.contributor.authorN. Prachumraken_US
dc.contributor.authorS. Namuangruken_US
dc.contributor.authorS. Pansayen_US
dc.contributor.authorN. Kungwanen_US
dc.contributor.authorS. Maensirien_US
dc.contributor.authorS. Jungsuttiwongen_US
dc.contributor.authorT. Sudyoadsuken_US
dc.contributor.authorV. Promaraken_US
dc.description.abstract© The Royal Society of Chemistry. To realize highly efficient bifunctional blue-light emitting and hole-transporting materials for OLEDs, a series of pyrene- and triphenylamine-peripheral functionalized carbazole dendrimers, namely G1PYR, G2PYR, G1TPA and G2TPA, were designed, synthesized and characterized. Especially, G2PYR having four pyrene units substituted on the 2ndgeneration carbazole dendritic scaffold exhibited a strong blue emission with high Tgamorphous and good film-forming properties. Simple structured blue OLED (λEL= 463 nm) using G2PYR as emissive layer and Alq3-based green OLED (λEL= 512 nm) using G2PYR as hole-transporting layer with high luminance efficiencies (η) and low turn-on voltages (Von) of 5.89 cd A-1and 3.1 V, and 5.15 cd A-1and 2.6 V were attained, respectively.en_US
dc.subjectChemical Engineeringen_US
dc.titleEfficient bifunctional materials based on pyrene- and triphenylamine-functionalized dendrimers for electroluminescent devicesen_US
article.title.sourcetitleRSC Advancesen_US
article.volume5en_US Rajathanee Universityen_US Institute of Science and Technologyen_US National Nanotechnology Centeren_US Mai Universityen_US University of Technologyen_US
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