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Title: Aural myiasis caused by Parasarcophaga (Liosarcophaga) dux (Thomson) in Thailand
Authors: T. Chaiwong
N. Tem-Eiam
M. Limpavithayakul
N. Boongunha
W. Poolphol
K. L. Sukontason
Keywords: Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2014
Abstract: © 2014 MSPTM All rights reserved. Herein is reported the first case in Thailand of aural myiasis caused by the flesh fly, Parasarcophaga (Liosarcophaga) dux (Thomson). A 5-day-old infant was taken to hospital with a slightly bloody ear. Two fly larvae exiting the ear and another recovered by a physician were alive, and confirmed as P. dux species from adult examination results. This case brought attention to the need for protection against synanthropic flies, particularly for infants and/or hearing impaired patients.
ISSN: 01275720
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