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Title: A tale behind mum effect
Authors: Sakgasit Ramingwong
Lachana Ramingwong
Authors: Sakgasit Ramingwong
Lachana Ramingwong
Keywords: Business, Management and Accounting;Decision Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2013
Abstract: © 2013, SciKA. Mum effect is a situation when one or more project stakeholders decide to withhold critical information for particular reasons. In software project where most of the production is intangible, the seriousness of this challenge increases exponentially. There have been reports indicating that mum effect can surface during any phase of development and ultimately lead to disaster in software projects. Mum effect can be influenced by several factors such as organizational and national cultures. This research investigates potential mum effect scenarios and reveals specific reasons which induce this challenge among information technology practitioners.
ISSN: 21827788
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