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Title: New taxa of loricate euglenoids Strombomonas and Trachelomonas from Thailand
Authors: Kritsana Duangjan
Konrad Wołowski
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Issue Date: 30-Aug-2013
Abstract: Five new species and one new variety of loricate euglenoid taxa were discovered in Thailand: Strombomonas starmachii Duangjan and Wolowski, S. chiangmaiensis Duangjan, Trachelomonas peerapornpisalii Duangjan and Wolowski, T. thailandicus Duangjan and Wolowski, T. reticulato-spinifera Duangjan and T. hystrix var. paucispinosa Prowse. We propose to raise the variety to species level [T. paucispinosa (Prowse) Duangjan and Wolowski, stat. et comb. nov.]. The morphology and fine lorica ultrastructure of the species are described. All taxa are documented by SEM images and some by LM micrographs.
ISSN: 20844352
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