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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2013Global exponential stability of discrete-time neural networks with time-varying delaysS. Udpin; P. Niamsup
28-Jun-2013Global exponential stability criteria for bidirectional associative memory neural networks with time-varying delaysJ. Thipcha; P. Niamsup
11-Jun-2013New results on robust stability and stabilization of linear discrete-time stochastic systems with convex polytopic uncertaintiesP. Niamsup; G. Rajchakit
29-Apr-2013Delay-dependent synchronization for complex dynamical networks with interval time-varying and switched coupling delaysT. Botmart; P. Niamsup
29-Oct-2013Exponential stability of uncertain switched systems with multiple non-differentiable time-varying delaysT. La-Inchua; P. Niamsup
17-Sep-2012Robust control for uncertain switched systems with interval nondifferentiable time-varying delaysT. La-Inchua; P. Niamsup
1-Apr-2012Synchronization of non-autonomous chaotic systems with time-varying delay via delayed feedback controlT. Botmart; P. Niamsup; X. Liu
18-Apr-2012Exponential stabilization of neutral-type neural networks with interval nondifferentiable and distributed time-varying delaysW. Weera; P. Niamsup
1-Jan-2015H ∞ control for nonlinear systems with time-varying delay using matrix-based quadratic convex approachC. Emharuethai; P. Niamsup
1-Jan-2015Finite-time stability analysis for nonlinear systems with time-varying delays and disturbances via linear matrix inequalitiesP. Niamsup; V. N. Phat; Ram U. Verma