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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2019Kaempferia parviflora Extract Inhibits STAT3 Activation and Interleukin-6 Production in HeLa Cervical Cancer CellsBenjamart Suradej; Siriwoot Sookkhee; Jukreera Panyakaew; Pitchaya Mungkornasawakul; Nitwara Wikan; Duncan R. Smith; Saranyapin Potikanond; Wutigri Nimlamool
2-Aug-2019Goniothalamin induces necroptosis and anoikis in human invasive breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cellsPatompong Khaw-On; Wilart Pompimon; Ratana Banjerdpongchai
2-Dec-2019Salacia chinensis L. Stem extract exerts antifibrotic effects on human hepatic stellate cells through the inhibition of the tgf-β1-induced smad2/3 signaling pathwayMattareeyapar Phaosri; Salinee Jantrapirom; Mingkwan Na Takuathung; Noppamas Soonthornchareonnon; Seewaboon Sireeratawong; Pensiri Buacheen; Pornsiri Pitchakarn; Wutigri Nimlamool; Saranyapin Potikanond
1-Jun-2019Low susceptibility of asunaprevir towards R155K and D168A point mutations in HCV NS3/4A protease: A molecular dynamics simulationJirayu Kammarabutr; Panupong Mahalapbutr; Bodee Nutho; Nawee Kungwan; Thanyada Rungrotmongkol
2-Jan-2019Activation of sirtuin 3 and maintenance of mitochondrial integrity by N-acetylcysteine protects against bisphenol A-induced kidney and liver toxicity in ratsWachirasek Peerapanyasut; Anongporn Kobroob; Siripong Palee; Nipon Chattipakorn; Orawan Wongmekiat
1-Mar-2019QM/MM molecular modelling on mutation effect of chorismate synthase enzyme catalysisNarin Lawan; Pongsakorn Chasing; Jirapat Santatiwongchai; Sairoong Muangpil
2-Apr-2019Characterization and dye decolorization potential of two laccases from the marine-derived fungus Pestalotiopsis sp.Saowanee Wikee; Juliette Hatton; Annick Turbé-Doan; Yann Mathieu; Marianne Daou; Anne Lomascolo; Abhishek Kumar; Saisamorn Lumyong; Giuliano Sciara; Craig B. Faulds; Eric Record
2-Apr-2019Non-proteasomal UbL-UbA family of proteins in neurodegenerationSalinee Jantrapirom; Luca Lo Piccolo; Masamitsu Yamaguchi
28-May-2019Projector-Based Embedding Eliminates Density Functional Dependence for QM/MM Calculations of Reactions in Enzymes and SolutionKara E. Ranaghan; Darya Shchepanovska; Simon J. Bennie; Narin Lawan; Stephen J. Macrae; Jolanta Zurek; Frederick R. Manby; Adrian J. Mulholland
1-Oct-2019Space independent image registration using curve-based method with combination of multiple deformable vector fieldsAnirut Watcharawipha; Nipon Theera-Umpon; Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul