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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012Effects of treatment time by sulphur hexafluoride (SF<inf>6</inf>) plasma on barrier and mechanical properties of paperboardT. Jinkarn; S. Thawornwiriyanan; D. Boonyawan; P. Rachtanapun; S. Sane
1-Sep-2012Physico-chemical properties of cationic niosomes loaded with fraction of rice (Oryza sativa) bran extractAranya Manosroi; Warintorn Ruksiriwanich; Masahiko Abe; Hideki Sakai; Kenichi Aburai; Worapaka Manosroi; Jiradej Manosroi
23-Jul-2012Pt/C doped TiO<inf>2</inf>/SWNTs as catalyst for methanol oxidationC. Theerakarunwong; Z. F. Ma; S. Phanichphant
11-Dec-2015Temperature uniformity of heated mold plate by oscillating heat pipePatrapon Kamonpet; Phrut Sakulchangsatjathai
11-Aug-2016Energy Efficiency Tracking in Thai Manufacturing Sector by Decomposition TechniqueWongkot Wongsapai; Atchariya Phuangyod; Det Damrongsak
11-Aug-2016Developing the City-Level Climate Change Master Plan: The Case of Energy Sector in BangkokWongkot Wongsapai; Ariyah Mekhakul; Manaswee Arayasiri; Kazuhito Yamada; Mariko Fujimori; Hisaaki Kato
1-Aug-2016Determining the Optimal Parameter of Coordinate Measuring Machine with Design of ExperimentKusalin Sangnuan; Wimalin S. Laosiritaworn
11-Aug-2016Biogas Initiative from Swine Farm in Southern ThailandDet Damrongsak; Wongkot Wongsapai
26-Apr-2016The Evaluation of Study Success between Online Study and Classroom Study EnvironmentPhudinan Singkhamfu
1-Dec-2016Modifying the electrical properties of Ba<inf>0.85</inf>Ca<inf>0.15</inf>Zr<inf>0.1</inf>Ti<inf>0.9</inf>O<inf>3</inf>ceramics by the nanocrystals-induced methodPiewpan Parjansri; Manlika Kamnoy; Sukum Eitssayeam; Uraiwan Intatha