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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-2016Transferase Activity of Lactobacillal and Bifidobacterial β-Galactosidases with Various Sugars as Galactosyl AcceptorsSheryl Lozel Arreola; Montira Intanon; Pairote Wongputtisin; Paul Kosma; Dietmar Haltrich; Thu Ha Nguyen
16-Feb-2016Inhibitory effect of mammea E/BB from Mammea siamensis seed extract on Wilms' tumour 1 protein expression in a K562 leukaemic cell lineMethee Rungrojsakul; Aroonchai Saiai; Chadarat Ampasavate; Songyot Anuchapreeda; Siriporn Okonogi
1-Jan-2016Flow injection amperometric sensor with a carbon nanotube modified screen printed electrode for determination of hydroquinoneJantima Upan; Preeyaporn Reanpang; Orawon Chailapakul; Jaroon Jakmunee
18-Mar-2016Daldionin, an Unprecedented Binaphthyl Derivative, and Diverse Polyketide Congeners from a Fungal Orchid EndophyteEmma C. Barnes; Juangjun Jumpathong; Saisamorn Lumyong; Kerstin Voigt; Christian Hertweck
1-Jan-2016Screening of ochratoxin A and B contaminated in dried chili using HPLC-fluorescence and liquid-liquid extractionNalinthip Rotsisen; Chaturong Kanchai; Thanapat Sastraruji; Churdsak Jaikang
1-Jan-2016Effective removal of lead(II) from wastewater by amine-functionalized magnesium ferrite nanoparticlesJeeranan Nonkumwong; Supon Ananta; Laongnuan Srisombat
1-Jan-2016Uncommon secondary metabolites from Etlingera pavieana rhizomesSirichan Tachai; Nuchnipa Nuntawong
1-Jan-2016Catalytic and antibacterial activities of novel colored zinc borophosphate glassesChayopas Tupberg; Nopakarn Chandet; Kamjad Wattanavichan; Chamnan Randorn
1-Mar-2016Visible-light-driven photocatalysis of heterostructure Ag/Bi<inf>2</inf>WO<inf>6</inf> nanocomposites and their photocatalytic degradation of dye under visible light irradiationPhattranit Dumrongrojthanath; Anukorn Phuruangrat; Patcharanan Junploy; Somchai Thongtem; Titipun Thongtem
1-Jan-2016A sensitive and disposable graphene oxide electrochemical immunosensor for label-free detection of human immunoglobulin GWatthanachai Jumpathong; Jaroon Jakmunee; Kontad Ounnunkad