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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2016Estrogenic Impact on Cardiac Ischemic/Reperfusion InjurySivasinprasasn S.; Shinlapawittayatorn K.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.
1-Jan-2016Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors and the ischemic heart: Additional benefits beyond glycemic controlChattipakorn N.; Apaijai N.; Chattipakorn S.
1-Jan-2016Vildagliptin reduces cardiac ischemic-reperfusion injury in obese orchiectomized ratsPongkan W.; Pintana H.; Jaiwongkam T.; Kredphoo S.; Sivasinprasasn S.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.
-Hyperglycemia induced the Alzheimer's proteins and promoted loss of synaptic proteins in advanced-age female Goto-Kakizaki (GK) ratsPintana H.; Apaijai N.; Kerdphoo S.; Pratchayasakul W.; Sripetchwandee J.; Suntornsaratoon P.; Charoenphandhu N.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn S.
-Chronic treatment with prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics attenuated cardiac dysfunction by improving cardiac mitochondrial dysfunction in male obese insulin-resistant ratsTunapong W.; Apaijai N.; Yasom S.; Tanajak P.; Wanchai K.; Chunchai T.; Kerdphoo S.; Eaimworawuthikul S.; Thiennimitr P.; Pongchaidecha A.; Lungkaphin A.; Pratchayasakul W.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.
1-Jan-2017Vildagliptin and caloric restriction for cardioprotection in pre-diabetic ratsTanajak P.; Pintana H.; Siri-Angkul N.; Khamseekaew J.; Apaijai N.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.
1-Jan-2017β-Cryptoxanthin exerts greater cardioprotective effects on cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury than astaxanthin by attenuating mitochondrial dysfunction in micePongkan W.; Takatori O.; Ni Y.; Xu L.; Nagata N.; Chattipakorn S.; Usui S.; Kaneko S.; Takamura M.; Sugiura M.; Chattipakorn N.; Ota T.
1-Jul-2016Combined iron chelator and antioxidant exerted greater efficacy on cardioprotection than monotherapy in iron-overloaded ratsWongjaikam S.; Kumfu S.; Khamseekaew J.; Sripetchwandee J.; Srichairatanakool S.; Fucharoen S.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.
1-Jul-2016Acetylcholine Attenuates Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Intracellular Calcium Dyshomeostasis Through Both Muscarinic and Nicotinic Receptors in CardiomyocytesPalee S.; Apaijai N.; Shinlapawittayatorn K.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.
26-May-2016Vagus Nerve Stimulation Exerts the Neuroprotective Effects in Obese-Insulin Resistant Rats, Leading to the Improvement of Cognitive FunctionChunchai T.; Samniang B.; Sripetchwandee J.; Pintana H.; Pongkan W.; Kumfu S.; Shinlapawittayatorn K.; Kenknight B.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn S.