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Title: A web-based traveling game for the preservation of Lanna culture
Authors: Krittiya Saksrisathaporn
Thitinadda Maneewan
Authors: Krittiya Saksrisathaporn
Thitinadda Maneewan
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 15-May-2012
Abstract: The Internet is currently a very popular resource for young people. The Internet is characterized by its convenience and easy accessibility from everywhere and at anytime. At the same time, there are also several approaches of passing on knowledge via internet. Web-based edutainment game which refers to tourist destinations is one approach. In addition, learning through knowledge game is more interesting and attractive than learning from textbooks. The web-based travelling game will be created by web applications that generate questions and answers. A number of questions, e.g. 50 questions will be randomly selected from the already prepared 100 questions. The game player must responds to various events or solves problems via the internet. In this specific application, the game content is about Lanna tourist attraction, art and culture. The game play acts as a tour guide during the game execution. The player will visit the selected destinations during the course of game playing. Once the player finishes the game, the player will gain the knowledge of Lanna art and culture through tourist attractions. The main purpose of this game is to disseminate and preserve knowledge of the Lanna culture while also entertaining players, particularly young people or students. © 2012 IEEE.
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