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Title: Effect of compressive stress on ferroelectric aging behavior of hybrid-doped Fe<sup>3+</sup>/ Nb<sup>5+</sup> BaTiO<inf>3</inf> ceramics
Authors: S. Prasertpalichat
M. Unruan
T. Sareein
J. Tangsritrakul
A. Ngamjarurojana
S. Ananta
R. Yimnirun
Keywords: Engineering
Materials Science
Issue Date: 8-Feb-2010
Abstract: Apart from aging effect, barium titanate ceramics usually subjected to the mechanical loading when it is used in electronic device. Thus, it is very interesting to investigate the influence of various compressive stresses on ferroelectric aging behavior of Ba(Ti0.99-xFe0.01Nb x)O3 , x=0.005-0.015. In this study, the P-E hysteresis loops were observed by using compressometer in conjunction with a modified Sawyer-Tower circuit. The stress level was varied from 0 to 185 MPa. The results showed that the dissipation energy, saturation polarization (Psat), remnant polarization (Pr) and the coercive field (Ec) decreased with increasing of stress. The aging behavior was still observed in acceptor-dominant of hybrid doped ceramics. The aging was also enhanced under application of the external stress. The explanation based on the defect-dipole and domainreorientation processes was discussed. © (2010) Trans Tech Publications.
ISSN: 10139826
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