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Title: Domestic play collaborations in diverse family contexts
Authors: Cameron C.
Hancock R.
Pinto G.
Accorti Gamannossi B.
Tapanya S.
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2011
Abstract: Five 30-month-old girls in diverse family communities around the globe were filmed during one day in their lives. An international team collaboratively analysed videos in association with field notes and parental interviews. Of the multitude of play instances identified, one episode per child depicting a domestic play involvement was analysed for play content, themes, materials, and interlocutors (for example, caregivers enlisted, engaged, supported, or co-played with). In the variety of familial contexts observed, mutual involvement in domestic play enacted diverse sociocultural roles. The study aims to contribute a depth of understanding of very young children's domestic play and how caregivers directly and indirectly encourage and support that play. We conclude that professionals educating young children in early years settings can learn from an increased appreciation of the way children and their caregivers sustain and participate in play at home. © 2011. All rights reserved by Early Childhood Australia Inc.
ISSN: 03125033
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