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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Rapid diagnosis of trisomy 21 by relative gene copy using real-time quantitative polymerase chain reactionSanguansermsri,C.; Tanpaiboon,P.; Charoenkwan,P.; Phusua,A.; Sanguansermsri,T.
1-Jan-2014Recurrence and death from Breast cancer after complete treatments: An experience from Hospitals in Northern ThailandChairat,R.; Puttisri,A.; Pamarapa,A.; Wongrach,N.; Tawichasri,C.; Patumanond,J.; Tantraworasin,A.; Charoentum,C.
1-Jan-2014Management of patients with severe hypertension in emergency department, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai HospitalSruamsiri,K.; Chenthanakij,B.; Wittayachamnankul,B.
1-Jan-2014A comparative study of serum and synovial fluid levels of uric acid between patients with gout and other arthritidesWangkaew S.; Kasitanon N.; Hongsongkiat S.; Tanasombat C.; Sukittawut W.; Louthrenoo W.
1-Jan-2014Effect of a novel oral active iron chelator: 1-(N-acetyl-6-aminohexyl)-3-hydroxy-2-methylpyridin-4-one (CM1) in iron-overloaded and non-overloaded miceChansiw,N.; Pangjit,K.; Phisalaphong,C.; Porter,J.B.; Evans,P.J.; Fucharoen,S.; Srichairatanakool,S.
1-Jan-2014High prevalence of mumps in Lao People's Democratic RepublicHübschen,J.M.; Vilivong,K.; Souvannaso,C.; Black,A.P.; Lütteke,N.; Samountry,B.; Phongsavath,V.; Khamphaphongphane,B.; Denny,J.; Sayyavong,C.; Woo,G.K.S.; Sengsaya,K.; Sausy,A.; Vongphrachanh,P.; Jutavijittum,P.; Phonekeo,D.; Müller,C.P.
1-Jun-2014Extraskeletal chondroma on the sole of the footVaseenon T.; Cheewawattanachai C.; Pattamapaspong N.; Settakorn J.; Leerapun T.
3-Nov-2014Functional analysis of atfA gene to stress response in pathogenic thermal dimorphic fungus penicillium marneffeiNimmanee,P.; Woo,P.C.Y.; Vanittanakom,P.; Youngchim,S.; Vanittanakom,N.
1-Jan-2014Validation and application of hair analysis for the detection of methamphetamine in young thai adultsJunkuy,A.; Pengwong,M.; Aramrattana,A.; Celentano,D.D.; Sribanditmongkol,P.
20-Oct-2014Cellular immune responses in HIV-negative immunodeficiency with anti-interferon-γ antibodies and opportunistic intracellular microorganismsWipasa,J.; Wongkulab,P.; Chawansuntati,K.; Chaiwarit,R.; Supparatpinyo,K.