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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2011Radiation dose from CT scanning: Can it be reduced?Trinavarat,P.; Kritsaneepaiboon,S.; Rongviriyapanich,C.; Visrutaratna,P.; Srinakarin,J.
1-Apr-2011Comparison of in-house HIV-1 genotypic drug resistant test with commercial HIV-1 genotypic test kitPraparattanapan,J.; Tragoolpua,Y.; Wongtrakul,J.; Kotarathitithum,W.; Chaiwarith,R.; Nuntachit,N.; Sirisanthana,T.; Supparatpinyo,K.
1-Jun-2011Carboxymethylchitosan, alginate and tulle gauze wound dressings: A comparative study in the treatment of partial-thickness woundsAngspatt,A.; Taweerattanasil,B.; Janvikul,W.; Chokrungvaranont,P.; Sirimaharaj,W.
1-Apr-2012Effects of 0.5% tetracaine hydrochloride on central corneal thickness and intraocular pressureManassakorn,A.; Chaidaroon,W.
1-Oct-2010Effect of serotonin depletion on cortical spreading depression evoked cerebrovascular changesManeesri,S.; Supornsilpchai,W.; Saengjaroentham,C.; Pleumsamran,J.; Srikiatkhachorn,A.
1-Aug-2012Drug errors from the Thai anesthesia incidents monitoring study: Analysis of 1,996 incident reportsCharuluxananan,S.; Sriraj,W.; Lapisatepun,W.; Kusumaphanyo,C.; Ittichaikulthol,W.; Suratsunya,T.
1-Dec-2011Expression of sodium channels in dental pulpSuwanchai,A.; Theerapiboon,U.; Chattipakorn,N.; Chattipakorn,S.C.
1-Jan-2014Rapid diagnosis of trisomy 21 by relative gene copy using real-time quantitative polymerase chain reactionSanguansermsri,C.; Tanpaiboon,P.; Charoenkwan,P.; Phusua,A.; Sanguansermsri,T.
22-Oct-2014Endothelium-independent vasorelaxation effects of 16-O-acetyldihydroisosteviol on isolated rat thoracic aortaPantan,R.; Onsa-Ard,A.; Tocharus,J.; Wonganan,O.; Suksamrarn,A.; Tocharus,C.
3-Nov-2014Functional analysis of atfA gene to stress response in pathogenic thermal dimorphic fungus penicillium marneffeiNimmanee,P.; Woo,P.C.Y.; Vanittanakom,P.; Youngchim,S.; Vanittanakom,N.